Reasons You’re Finding It Difficult to Sell Your New York Home

Sellers in New York are frequently under the impression that the sale process of homes is easy and quick, and it’s easy to see why many sellers have such high expectations. After all, there are countless online articles and newspapers about NYC bidding wars and ever-increasing sale prices for apartments.

While many apartments in New York sell quickly, countless others have a more difficult sale timeline. The truth is that not all New York apartments are natural candidates for bidding wars. Here are the top five reasons your New York home isn’t selling;

1. Your Home Is Exorbitantly Priced

Overpricing your home is a permanent mistake that can seriously impact your sale. Pricing mistakes are especially damaging because they usually occur when you first list your home when you have the most buyer traffic.

Reducing your price after a few months will simply not provide your listing with the same audience and overall momentum as if you listed with a reasonable price on day one.

2. Your New York Home Does Not Look Tidy, Clean, Or Habitable

There’s something terrible about walking into a property and not knowing where to go next because it’s a complete shambles. Maybe the owner’s family still lives there, or it’s occupied by tenants who don’t care. No prospective buyer will feel comfortable purchasing a home that looks untidy.

3. Your Home Is Not Properly Staged

The overall condition of your apartment is extremely important in driving demand and enticing buyers to make offers. By staging, we simply mean the general condition and arrangement of your home’s furnishings.

One common mistake made by sellers in New York City is failing to sufficiently de-clutter a home before putting it for sale.

4. The Photos Of Your Home Are Unappealing

Obviously, there is no substitute for professional photography as a seller in New York City. Listing your property on the market without professional photos is similar to going to the gym in your pajamas and a sweater. If your realtor does not use professional photos, they have likely limited marketing exposure.

It’s also bad to put up photos of an empty apartment when selling your house. Any seasoned New York selling agent will offer to virtually stage some of your listing’s photos to help buyers better visualize the space.

5. You Are Using The Wrong Means To Sell Your Home

Are you in the mood to hear something funny? All of the issues we’ve discussed could have been avoided if you had contacted an experienced home buyer. Contacting a professional home buyer would have saved you a lot of hassles. With Guardian Realty Center, you don’t have to worry about any difficulty associated with selling your home.

Furthermore, many buyers place a higher value on houses listed by Guardian Realty Center. That is why, especially when selling in New York, contacting Guardian Realty Center is critical.

That wraps up our list of five reasons you find it difficult to sell your New York home. As you can see, most of them are from people who believe that New York is too appealing for most home buyers to pass up the opportunity to live there. Unfortunately, such an attitude will not help you sell your home, especially in today’s market.

However, the most common mistake is attempting to save money on closing costs. That is why many home sellers hire the wrong local agents. They don’t realize that this practice is the primary cause of their failure.

Avoid all of the blunders we’ve discussed above, and you’ll sell your New York home quickly and, more importantly, for the right price.

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