Tip #1

Begin by doing an unbiased walk-through of your home and prepare a list.  Go room by room and write down anything that needs decluttering, repairs, painting, updating and/or replacing.  Hang a copy of the list in each room and recruit other family members (who may be bored by now) to do their part.  Start the process by re-organizing and decluttering. This includes decluttering closets, drawers, removing family photos, bric a brac, toys pet items, kitchen counter appliances, extra bathroom accessories and other overages. As you complete each area, clean while you go.  Save the electrical, plumbing and other more difficult housing repairs for the professionals.  To streamline the process, organizers suggest it is easier if you create three separate piles and label them; Donate, Keep and Toss.  A fourth you may want to consider is to start packing up items now, in preparation for your move. These are things you plan to keep but don’t necessarily need or use every day.  Later on, you may decide you may or may no longer need them after all.  Either way, they will be boxed and ready to move or ready to donate. Seasonal décor, clothes and other unnecessary items can be boxed and neatly arranged in the garage, attic or basement.  If you are short on space, you may want to consider getting a storage space down the road. It may be surprising to know that a lot of what we have stored in our homes and have accumulated over the years is just taking up valuable living space or creating dust.  

Tip #2

If you find after all this, you’re still feeling ambitious, you may decide to add some fresh paint to brighten up a tired room or just the trim but stick with neutral paint colors. Even just replacing or removing old carpets, dated curtains or adding colorful pillows to a favorite sofa can give your house an updated lift for a minimal cost. 

Tip #3

You can also bring the same rules of decluttering and clean-up to the outside of your home on the warmer days ahead.  That is, raking the leaves, keeping the grass and bushes trimmed, adding potted flowers on the patio or deck and cleaning the winter off your windows are all good ideas.  Clean, well -maintained curb appeal is a good objective and is essential when selling you home.  In most cases, it is the first impression that counts for potential buyers to decide on whether or not they even want to enter the house for a viewing.  

The ultimate goal is to emotionally detach from your home and make it more inviting to potential buyers who can see themselves living there and enjoy making their own good memories.  When you are ready, feel free to give us a call.  Our professional agents at Guardian Realty will be there to help you get through to the next level. Until then, stay well.